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Company Policy

Germani S.p.A. has adopted a Company Management System that allows it to keep under control the transport activities carried out on behalf of third parties, of powdery, packaged and bulk products, liquid and solid chemical products, cryogenic products, special hazardous and non-hazardous waste, solids and liquids intended for disposal or reuse, petroleum products (fuels).

The specificity of the services offered requires a high degree of professionalism in a sector characterized by scenarios of significant and growing competitiveness.

The activity carried out by Germani S.p.A., for the specific sector in which it is inserted, requires particular attention to:

– protection of the safety and health of employees, contractors working in its establishments and persons who can be influenced by the activities carried out;

– environmental protection with particular attention to the reduction of fuel consumption and the reduction of CO2 emissions;

Germani S.p.A. aims to become a reference company on the national scene for the transport of particular materials and waste, with full customer satisfaction as its primary objective.

Germani S.p.A. has the following additional objectives:

  • Pay particular attention to the safety of people and respect for the environment;

  • Scrupulously comply with the security rules provided for by current regulations, company security standards and those present on the Customers’ websites;

  • Have means of transport in perfect condition, technically suitable, technologically advanced, in order to reduce the risks of accidents and polluting impact;

  • Always comply with the laws in force and the rules governing the road haulage sector;

  • Implement a strict policy of surveillance and repression against staff (drivers) in relation to the absolute prohibition of alcohol and/or drugs;

  • Protect confidential information acquired from customers and suppliers, and protect the integrity of the products transported and the people present at the sites where materials are loaded and unloaded;

  • Implement a program (BBS – Behavior Based Safety) to increase safety during transport, loading and unloading activities;

Consider staff as a fundamental resource, to be protected and grown

  • Pay the utmost attention to the health and safety of employees, implementing appropriate training programs, providing periodic medical examinations so that physical integrity is safeguarded for all. Implement training programs in order to improve workers’ skills and increase their professional knowledge;

  • Constantly verify the effectiveness of the training activities essential for staff to acquire skills and new skills;

  • Organize periodic training/refresher sessions during which instructions are given to all staff on the correct behavior to be adopted in front of Customers and during loading, transport and unloading activities.

  • Implement training programs that transfer to learners notions regarding the safe behavior to be assumed within the loading/unloading sites and the correct driving of the vehicle in all driving conditions (heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, any emergencies, breakdowns, accidents, vandalism, theft).

Consider customer satisfaction as a primary goal

  • Provide personalized services to best meet the needs of Customers;

  • Constantly monitor their satisfaction;

  • Treat confidentially all information received from Customers through timely and adequate data protection;

Consider Sub-Carriers as Partners

  • Establish a partnership relationship with the main Sub-Carriers, in order to create the best conditions for a fruitful collaboration in order to best meet the needs of Customers;

  • Constantly check its reliability and efficiency.

Develop the Business Management System

  • Plan, maintain and constantly improve the Integrated Management System for all the services offered;

  • Constantly verify the functioning of the Integrated Management System;

  • Define specific and measurable objectives annually, for the achievement of which the involvement and commitment of all staff is necessary.

Social Responsibility and Ethics

  • The ownership and management of Germani S.p.A. pursue a policy based on respect for fundamental human rights, respect for working times and conditions and freedom of association;

  • The Ownership and Management of Germani S.p.A. pursue a policy of Business Ethics that avoids any kind of corruption, conflict of interest, money laundering, anti-competitive practices, tax evasion or avoidance.

03 January 2023

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