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Our initiatives

Germani has always shown its sensitivity to the community in which it operates, introducing initiatives in line with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Germani has a single-brand fleet of latest-generation Merced Actros that reduce CO2 and polluting gas emissions to a minimum.
Since 2016 Germani has invested part of its profits as the main sponsor of the basketball team of the city of Brescia, acquired in 2020 under the name Germani Pallacanestro Brescia which plays in the top basketball league in Italy and at European level in the Eurocup tournament.
Since 2017, CEO Mauro Ferrari has given life to the Germani Driver Academy project, which allows young aspiring truck drivers to start training and, through the company, to obtain all the necessary driving licenses to transport hazardous materials.
In 2020 Germani has launched the new Germani West Africa project with the aim of transferring its experience and skills of road freight transport to developing countries such as the city of Dakar, one of the most important commercial hubs in West Africa.

Sustainability Report

This document follows the first sustainable development report drawn up by the company for the 2020 financial year, with the aim of continuing on the path of values towards an ethical organization sensitive to the environmental issues.

Germani does not fall into the category of companies obliged to prepare the sustainable development report, but our active role in a circular economy and the type of activity we carry out gives us the responsibility to marry the project, in the continuity of the previous year, in order to communicate to all those who have a direct or indirect interest in our Organization our commitment to the creation of shared value and our attention to today’s priority issues such as environmental and organizational sustainability.


The Germani Driver Academy will select five young people each year’s quarter who will receive theoretical and practical training to integrate the company’s staff. The theoretical and practical training will last approximately 10 to 12 months and will include:

  • obtaining C-CE, CQC and ADR licenses and qualifications and subsequent specific specializations for the transport of technical gases and more, all at Germani’s expense;
  • business organization;
  • company certificates;
  • safety and health at work;
  • vehicle documentation management;
  • working time management (reg CE 561);
  • routine maintenance and management of motor vehicles and towed vehicles;
  • assistance with expert drivers on the road.

Germani West africa

Since 2020, Mauro Ferrari’s son Andrea Ferrari has been responsible for the Germani West Africa project.
The project consists of the development and construction of an Head Quarter in Dakar, Senegal, to transfer the knowledge and experience acquired in the transport sector.
The investment initially entails 30 new vehicles, customized by Mercedes Truck for the African market. Finally, the project also includes a training center for young Senegalese drivers.

Germani Pallacanestro Brescia

Germani Pallacanestro Brescia was founded in 2020 by Mauro Ferrari, CEO of Germani Trasporti. The basketball team of the city of Brescia plays in the A1 series championship in Italy and in the Euroleague European competition. Germani has thus succeeded in involving entrepreneurs from all over the province who offer part of their investments every year to provide emotions and healthy entertainment to many families in Brescia.

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