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Our Fleet

Germani has a large and diversified fleet of vehicles which enables the comapny to provide the most suitable service to fulfill customer needs. All vehicles in the Germani trucks fleet are classified as “Euro 6” and are no more than 3 years old. All vehicles are authorized to transport goods according to ADR standards. Germani fleet consists of road tractors, trucks with tail lifts, trailer trucks with tail lifts and tipping semi-trailers, hook lifts, silos, stainless steel and ebonite tanks, all company owned. Germani is always highly committed to safety and prevention on the road.

To improve its performance, Germani follows these best practice procedures:

  1. Planned maintenance system for the entire fleet;
  2. TomTom satellite system active throughout the fleet;
  3. Transmission of orders to drivers via on board messaging systems;
  4. 24 hour mechanical assistance throughout Europe;
  5. Controlled fuel consumption and CO² emissions;
  6. Safety course for all staff;
  7. First aid courses for all staff.

Our sectors

Industrial Waste

The company is registered in the National Register of Waste Managers n. MI001258/OS and with SISTRI under number MIL_BS_89523/50 including the following authorizations.

  1. Authorization to transport waste for Italy cat.4 cl.A, cat.5 cl.B, cat.1 cl.D;
  2. Waste transport license for Germany, Belgium and Holland;
  3. Authorization to transport under the ADR standards for the entire fleet of vehicles and all drivers.

Transport with tankers and skips (aluminium/steel) of 38 M3 and tipping vehicles, all in A.D.R. Transport.


Germani has trucks and 4-axle trucks with capacities from 18 to 52 cubic meters. The company has acquired experience in various sectors, particularly in the handling of sludge and landfill.

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Hooklift trailer

With semi-trailers equipped with 17 to 40 m3 skips, Germani offers its services dedicated to urban waste, mowing and earthmoving.

Tankers and Silos

Germani offers transport services for wastewater, high density liquids and stabilized waste for agricultural use with tankers from 28 to 34 cubic meters.
For the transport of bulk, lean and granulated materials, on the other hand, Germani has tilting silos with a capacity of 90 cubic meters.

General Cargo

Germani builds dedicated transport networks (health products, automotive spare parts), even with tailor-made trucks.
Germani has trucks and special vehicles, also equipped with mobile cranes, 2/3 axle tractors with tail lift, Mega tipper trucks and tipper trailers.
In recent years, Germani has introduced adaptable moving-floor trucks for transporting general cargo or waste.


Germani offers transport services for bulk liquid chemicals (slurry, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, soda, ammonia); with availability of stainless steel, stainless steel insulated, compartmentalized and ebonite tankers;

Transport of bulk chemicals (calcium carbonate);

Transport with tilting silos equipped with compressor for autonomous unloading. Packaged chemicals, including ADR, with tarpaulin trucks.


Germani has many years of experience in the transport with cryogenic tankers including products such as nitrogen, oxygen for the supply of private companies and hospitals. 


Since 2020, Germani has had a fleet dedicated to the transport in tankers of petrol, diesel, diesel+ supplying gas stations for mayors road networks.

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