Our story


The story begins in March 1965 when the founder Faustino Ferrari launches the task of road transport by road, supported by his nephew Daniele after ten years.

Since the early 70s Germani is one of the leading companies in the domestic market for the transport of liquid and solid chemicals. In 1995 he joined the top management also Mauro, son of Faustino.


In 2000 Germani sells part of shares to Arcese Trasporti, initiating a multi-year and durable relationship.

In the last decade Germani has successfully expanded its services on domestic and foreign markets as regards the transport of dangerous and no dangerous industrial waste, and the management of activities for the transport of cryogenic gases.


In 2008, the company has sold its 70% stake to the investment fund Wise and then buy it back in December 2013.

Following this transaction, the company is back on business structure that sees it previous run by families Ferrari and Arcese.

  1. Germani S.p.A. head office is located in San Zeno Naviglio in the province of Brescia, near the A4 and A21 highways junction (Brescia Centro exit), on a total area of 30.000 s.m.
  2. The structure consists of an office building of 1.500 s.m., a covered and equipped area for vehicles maintenance and repair, and a large truck parking.